🡵 **Threely** is a blockchain infrastructure startup breaking barriers in the web3 industry by providing simplicity, fluency, and ease-of-use for everyone who interacts with blockchain tech across the space. Our mission is to bridge the gap in the industry by transforming the use of addresses in a similar way that DNS did in web2 - but we don’t just stop there. We are constantly innovating and trying to bring on the most talented & remarkable people to help grow alongside us!

🧭 Visit Threely (www.threely.xyz)

We are thrilled that you are interested in being apart of the team at Threely! We first want to take a moment to thank you for showing your support by coming this far.

We’ve been through application processes ourselves, we’ve been apart of the applicant group, and we hope to make this application process as seamless and stress free for you as possible! Listed below will be some information on Threely and what we do. We will also leave a couple notes as to what you can expect from being an intern on our growing team, as well as some overview on the company itself.

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